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Heritage Custom Home Experience

The Heritage Home Experience
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Preliminary Meetings
The goal is to listen to you the customer and gather information so that we can work together in defining the particulars of your custom home.

Heritage Homes starts the processing phase with you in mind:

  • General price range of your new home

  • Location or lot selection
  • Preliminary design concept
  • Financing options

Homeowners make deposit on selected lot and work begins on the architectural and design phase (Preliminary Concept, Building Plans and Specifications).

Architectural and Design Phase Begins
Heritage works with you to:

  • Develop building plans and specifications around your families needs and wants

  • Fine tune pricing with an ‘options menu”
  • Work with you to finalize your home design, your options and your pricing
  • Heritage assists homeowner in finding the best fit in terms of financing that best benefits the individual homeowners needs
  • Finalize building plans, specifications and pricing
  • Purchaser signs contract to purchase

Your Construction Drawings, Loan and Documents Phase

  • Upon your construction loan approval, purchaser signs final building and specifications options document

  • Deposit is made to Heritage Homes (credited to purchaser upon home completion)
  • Heritage submits permit package to local municipalities

The Construction of your New Home Phase Begins

  • Ground-breaking of your new home occurs

  • Heritage works with the customer on setting construction timetable and completion date
  • Selections and colors are agreed upon between the customer and Heritage Homes

Construction Completed and Move into Your New Home Phase

  • Walk through inspection with Heritage and purchaser

  • Set closing date to finalize financial obligations
  • Utilities transferred to new homeowners
  • Occupancy occurs after issuance of certificate of occupancy at closing
  • Warranty period begins at occupancy of your brand new home

Our Tradition is Building