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"We truly enjoy life in our home by Heritage Homes. The open floor plan provides the space and welcoming atmosphere that fits our daily life as well as our many gatherings with friends and family. The unique floor plan, amenities, and special attention to details make our home one of a kind, even in a neighborhood with 14 different builders, always prompting compliments from visitors. Not only has the final product been a success and value, but the process itself was made easy and comfortable by the hands-on approach of Ken and yourself."

Thanks again,
Tommy Shannon

Our customers are always central to the home design process, and a Heritage Home is only built after taking into consideration our clients personal preferences, life style and family size.

Your floor plans are approved by you and finalized with our staff before the building begins. Heritage Homes brings together a team of highly skilled craftsmen for every aspect of your home's design and construction. You-the homebuyer-are guided through the entire building process, starting with a meeting to introduce the construction team and to answer any questions regarding the construction timetable.

Through our attention to detail, customer satisfaction and knowledge of the industry we have built a solid reputation for not just building homes, but dreams.

Our Tradition is Building